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April 20
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Official Map of Northeast-Stables by NorthEast-Stables Official Map of Northeast-Stables by NorthEast-Stables
So I super hate making maps. I really really do. But since I'm revamping NES completely, as well as storyline, this was very much needed.

Northeast Stables is owned and run by Lord Oystein and his immediate family. Not much is known on their royal line aside from the merger between Norwegian and Alerian royalty long ago. The family also owns a yacht that has been converted into a horse transporter below deck to make traveling to outside shows and breedings easier. (I just didn't want to draw it)

The twin island hanging onto NES island by it's land bridge thread is much undiscovered and wild, and is rumored to be taken over by Forvendir and his band of fawns. Other horses have since tried to escape to join them, but only few have been permitted to stay there by the king fawn.

Much of the mainland spans large pastures for the great herd of NES. It's been discussed upon several occasion whether or not to fence off smaller, individual paddocks for the more aggressive horses, but many horses that cause conflict within their herd are kept in a stall with only monitored turnout. Other horses are only brought in if injury, severe weather, pregnancy, or illness.

Even though the stalls usually remain empty, the quartet of brown buildings across from the pastures signifies the four 40-stall barns paired off with an outdoor ring and covered ring. Cross country jumps are usually created inside the pastures when a tree is felled.

That being said, what's left is the Manor Estate. Led in by the long drive, the giant, 10-bedroom, 12 bath manorhouse is the first thing you see as you enter through the gate. The entire family stays inside this house unless a fight breaks out. The manor is flanked by two guest houses 4 bedroom, 2 bath each, and a swimming pool.

And that dark looming pit under the water? Well that's where the dragons are held. :icongrinstareplz:
Padfoot7411 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is an awesome map!
Enharmonia Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Lovely idea getting an island for your own! I spy a sexy pool too. :eyes:

dang i'm not the only one who keeps dragons in the stables
hhorseACE Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ohh your stable is so cool B)
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